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You might say that Ben and Dave Smith – two brothers born and raised in St. Paul, Oregon, in the heart of the Willamette Valley – have hops in their blood. Their dad grew hops in the Valley with his three brothers, as did their dad’s dad. Their mom’s dad grew hops too. And today, all four of Ben and Dave’s sons are working in the business.

B&D Farms began in 1984, when the Smith brothers planted hops on 15 acres in St. Paul. Over the years, they’ve slowly expanded their operation to 1,000 acres, making B&D one of Oregon’s largest hop growers. “It’s been very satisfying to build the operation to what it is today,” Dave said.

“Growing hops all season long and seeing it through to the end product of hops in a bale is what I love to do,” Ben shared.

*Back Row Left to Right: Adam Smith, Ethan Smith (sons of Ben), Austin Smith, Zach Smith (sons of Dave.) Front Row Left to Right: Ben Smith, Dave Smith.

More About The Farm

Today, the Smith family works together on all aspects of hop production—from growing and harvesting hops to maintaining machinery to bringing their product to market. “After almost 40 years in the business, watching our sons start their own journey in hop farming has been gratifying,” Dave added.

The Smiths are proud to provide a range of the high quality Pacific Northwest hops to brewers large and small around the world, while adhering to high standards of sustainability. Since 2019, B&D Farms has been Global GAP Certified—an international accreditation of sound agricultural practices. B&D has also received the coveted Cascade Cup in 2016 and 2019, an annual competition (sponsored by Hop Quality Group) that showcases America’s best Cascade hops.

B&D operates at two farm locations in St. Paul with three Dauenhauer pickers, two dryers and a total of 11 drying floors. Since 2016, B&D has been a partner (with five other Oregon farms) in West Coast Hop Breeding, which develops hop varieties bred to succeed in Oregon’s soil and climate.

We hope that your next beer – be it a pilsner, a pale ale or a double IPA – is fresh and tasty. There’s a good chance it contains hops from B&D Farms.

Our Locations

Horseshoe Lake

2187 Horseshoe Lake Road, St. Paul OR


23220 Riverside Drive NE, St. Paul OR

Hop Varieties

– Cascade
– Centennial
– Citra ®
– Golding
– McKenzie™
– Mosaic®
– Mount Hood
– Mount Rainier
– Nugget
– Sabro®
– Strata®

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